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Spring season offers the most opportune time to harvest bear in the Idaho Rockies.  HCO operates in prime bear country and brings a unique approach to the sport of bear hunting.  We harvest black bear of various different color phases including blonde, chocolate, cinnamon, black and combinations.  Coats are thick and make for wonderful trophies.  HCO does not offer fall stand alone bear hunts, but incidental bear can be an add-on in the fall.

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Bait hunts offer exceptional opportunity and success, and this bear hunt is no exception.  We harvest black bears with a multitude of color phases during this hunt.  Bait sites will be accessed daily for the course of this hunt.  Expect to ride a horse, hike and spend some time setup on bait waiting for your trophy to arrive.  Hunters will be hunting at altitudes ranging from 5,000 to 8,000 feet.

Rates and Dates

Days shown indicate hunting days in the field.  Hunting days can be affected by up to a half day (typically in addition to the dates shown) depending on camp location and other factors.  HCO asks hunters to arrive and depart at the day and time indicated on the booking contract. HCO will typically limit it to two (2) hunters per camp with a maximum of four (4).  All HCO hunts include lodging, transportation, guides, stock, tack, food and gear for rent during their respective hunts.  Taxidermy and processing are not included.  Accommodations outside of the hunting days can be set up at The Watermark Inn in Challis, Idaho.  Dates and prices are subject to change.

Location Weapon Trip Type Dates Price Add-Ons
Lemhi Zone Any Weapon The Watermark Inn 5/9-5/12, 5/16-5/19, 5/23-5/26, 5/30-6/2, 6/6-6/9 $3,350 / $2,750

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