Deer Hunting

Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle, Short Range

At HCO we hunt both whitetail deer and mule deer with archery, rifle and muzzleloader equipment. During archery season, we encourage our elk hunters to add on (combo) deer to complete their hunt. In Idaho, a deer tag may also be used to tag a bear, wolf or mountain lion. The whitetail habitat is largely in the bottoms, and almost entirely on private land which gives our hunters excellent opportunity at mature bucks in a unique habitat. Mule deer also occasionally wonder into the bottoms; however, most of the mature bucks are found in the mountains at varying elevations and locations throughout the year. HCO offers a late season muzzleloader hunt with excellent opportunity at a large mule deer bucks. HCO guides have extensive knowledge of the seasonally driven deer travel routes and look forward to chasing that dream buck with you.

Traditional whitetail deer hunting is not what we do. Tree stands, no way. We use spot and stalk methods in the bottoms primarily on private ground and harvest trophy quality whitetail bucks with archery, rifle and muzzleloader equipment. HCO has access to premium white tail habitat and produce exceptional results using spot and stalk methods. These hunts will be on foot, with setups for glassing and at strategic deer travel routes. Accommodations will be either at The Watermark Inn or at a private land base camp located only steps away from the hunting grounds. Hunters can combo any weapon white tail with their elk hunts between the dates of 10/10-10/31.
Our mule deer hunts will either be based out of a backcountry camp, our private land base camp, or our Salmon Zone backcountry base camp. Hunters can expect to utilize horses and mules to travel the hills with final stalks accomplished on foot. Hunters can combo any weapon mule deer with their elk hunts between the dates of 10/10-10/24.

Rates and Dates

Days shown indicate hunting days in the field.  Hunting days can be affected by up to a half day (typically in addition to the dates shown) depending on camp location and other factors.  HCO asks hunters to arrive and depart at the day and time indicated on the booking contract. HCO will typically limit it to two (2) hunters per camp with a maximum of four (4).  HCO has a 3D archery range and rifle range for hunters to dial in their weapon on the afternoon prior to the first day of the hunt.  All HCO hunts include lodging, transportation, guides, stock, tack, food and gear for rent during their respective hunts.  Taxidermy and processing are not included.  HCO can ship meat 2 or 3 day UPS following the season for the cost of shipping plus a holding fee for the processor.  We can also deliver trophies to a taxidermist for a small gas surcharge at which point payments and shipping would be negotiated with the taxidermist directly.  If you are driving, please bring coolers for meat.  Accommodations outside of the hunting days can be set up at The Watermark Inn in Challis, Idaho. Add-ons can be affected by seasonality and location.  Please contact us to discuss add-ons.  Dates and prices are subject to change.

Location Weapon Trip Type Dates Price Add-Ons
Lemhi Zone Whitetail Archery Private Land Base Camp, The Watermark Inn 8/30-9/30 N/A – Add onto archery elk $2,000 Wolf, Bear, Lion
Lemhi Zone Whitetail Any Weapon Private Land Base Camp, The Watermark Inn 10/10-10/31 (4 hunt days) $4,500 Wolf, Bear, Lion
Lemhi Zone Whitetail Short Range The Watermark Inn 11/10-12/9 (4 hunt days) $4,000 Wolf, Lion
Lemhi Zone Mule Deer Any Weapon Rover, Backcountry Camp, Private Land Base Camp 10/10-10/13, 10/16-10/19, 10/21-10/24 (4 hunt days) $5,500 / $4,500 Wolf, Bear, Lion
Lemhi Zone Mule Deer Muzzleloader Private Land Base Camp, The Watermark Inn 11/25-12/9 (7 days therein, 5 hunt days) $4,950 Wolf
Salmon Zone Mule Deer Any Weapon Backcountry Camp, Backcountry Base Camp 10/10-10/13, (4 hunt days) $5,500 / $4,500 Elk, Bear, Wolf, Lion

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