Pronghorn Antelope Hunting

Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle, Short Range

We hunt pronghorn antelope in the Lemhi Zone with rifle and archery equipment utilizing several different techniques. Blinds, spot and stalk, calling and decoying are all part of the HCO arsenal. Hunters have the opportunity to harvest trophy quality bucks during both archery and rifle seasons. Please contact HCO to discuss controlled hunt applications and to combo pronghorn antelope with another species.

Rates and Dates

Days shown apply to days in the field. Hunting days can be affected by up to a half day depending on camp location and other factors. HCO asks hunters to arrive the afternoon prior to their respective hunt and depart the evening of the last day. HCO will typically limit it to two (2) hunters per camp with a maximum of four (4). HCO has a 3D archery range and rifle range for hunters to dial in their weapon on the afternoon prior to the first day of the hunt. All HCO hunts include lodging, transportation, guides, stock, tack, food and gear for rent during their respective hunts. Taxidermy and processing are not included. HCO can ship meat 2 or 3 day UPS following the season for the cost of shipping plus a holding fee for the processor. We can also deliver trophies to a taxidermist for a small gas surcharge at which point payments and shipping would be negotiated with the taxidermist directly. If you are driving, please bring coolers for meat. Accommodations outside of the hunting days can be set up at The Watermark Inn in Challis, Idaho. Add-ons can be affected by seasonality and location. Please contact us to discuss add-ons. Dates and prices are subject to change.

Location Weapon Accommodations Dates Price Add-Ons
Lemhi Zone Archery The Watermark Inn Season Dates (8/15-9/15). 8/15-8/18, 8/21-8/23, 8/26-8/28, 8/30-9/15 combo with another species $2,250 Combo with deer and/or elk starting 8/30. Bear, wolf, lion
Lemhi Zone Any Weapon The Watermark Inn Season Dates 9/25-10/24 (4 days therein) $3,750 Combo with deer and/or elk. Bear, wolf, lion

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