Brian B.

My hunting consultant suggested that I give Horse Creek Outfitters a try two years ago not long after they launched their business.  Having used outfitters for many years prior, I was worried about hunting with a new outfit.  However, I have never hunted with a more professional, fun-loving, and talented group of individuals than the people at Horse Creek Outfitters.  Having received a warm welcome on day-one at their Bed & Breakfast (The Watermark Inn) with beautiful accommodations and great home cooking, I headed off on my hunting adventure that included vast amounts of both private and public land that is packed with all kinds of game including huge herds of elk and monster mule deer, whitetails, antelope and bear.  This will be my third year in a row hunting with Horse Creek Outfitters as I can’t find a reason to hunt somewhere else.  The guides have brought me within 20 yards of giant elk, whitetails and mule deer on multiple occasions and their knowledge of archery hunting is nothing less than master class.

With multiple locations to hunt, including private ranch land and extreme backcountry, Horse Creek Outfitters has something for everyone.  I enjoy the comforts of their tented camps with pack horses and great home cooking, which are as good as any that I have ever experienced.  However, when I asked for a more extreme backcountry experience last year the outfitter was totally up to the challenge and designed the perfect backpacking hunt for me.  No matter how challenging and tough the hunt got, the guides never once backed down – their #1 goal was always to get me in safe range of target, regardless of the obstacles that stood in our way.  A great hunting experience is all I ever wanted, and with Horse Creek Outfitters it is all that I ever received.  I don’t know how or why I would ever hunt with another outfitter.

Brian Best