Robert C.

We had a blast, accommodations were outstanding. We would definitely recommend Adam and his staff as a first class professional organization, in fact we hope to hunt with them again.  Adam is a great guide and very knowledgeable (great at calling Elk even after the Rut), he knows what he’s doing and works very hard to give you an opportunity tailored to your physical abilities.

As far as game in the area, these Elk have not been hunted, that being said you’re not going to see tons, take your pick and shoot, you will have to work at it which is what we like and really make it a hunt (applicable to Wilderness in FGU 21). We were on 4 different Elk 4 days in a row with two 4 hour stalks (what a blast). Day one; 4 hour stalk (I screwed up 190yd. shot). Day two; 4 hour stalk never got a shot off. Day three; called two Bull’s in together (140 yds. both down). Day three; saw another larger Bull while Wolf hunting.

Robert Craigo