Time to apply for your sheep, goat or moose tag.

The application period is open for trophy species in Idaho.  Please contact us for help with the application process.  The following is some information on the trophy hunts we offer:

The Non Resident Controlled Hunt Fee is $2,116.50 which includes the $14.75 controlled hunt application fee.  The license is separate.  If you do not draw, you get refunded the hunt fee less $14.75.
Hunt # for Unit 21 Sheep is 5006 (3 tags)
Hunt # for Unit 37A Sheep is 5019 (2 tags)
Hunt # for Unit 29 Moose is 3051 (11 tags)
Hunt # for Unit 51 Moose is 3055 (5 tags)
Hunt # for Unit 37A Goat is 6017 (1 tag)
Please contact us for more information.

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